You want to have something extra?

Within the framework of MUNDO 2.0, we created a completely new VIP experience at the club.

Premium table reservation with the country’s prettiest ladies and the most handsome gentlemen right behind the DJ setup. addition, we provide a limo ride from Győr to MUNDO 2.0!

The VIP tickets will make you feel special by offering you several advantages. You can be part of the party without having to wait in line or being in the middle of the crowd. You can enjoy your time on the white leather couches or buy drinks at the VIP bars. What can be added to the experience? …it only depends on you! 😉

Don’t hesitate to contact the VIP Manager, he will help you with any questions!

MUNDO 2.0 VIP Manager

+36 20 239 2686
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General Infoline: +36 70 236 7237

The VIP Manager and the general infoline are available at business hours on weekdays between 9:00-18:00 and during the events. If for some reason we don’t respond, we’ll call you back as soon as possible!