Enjoy the best summer place of Győr every week! Mundo’s dynamic renewal was a dream come true for us. Don’t worry, the unique visual, sound effects and the special “Ibiza” ambiance remained the same. However, we renewed the VIP experience and took it to the next level. The focus is on the particularly friendly staff – on the indoor dance floors, the country’s most impressive events and the #coolest people.

Our goal is to turn MUNDO into the place we would love to visit every week. Where the STAFF are your friends – if not, they will definitely be after one SHOT! Where we could dance again until sunrise while for a few hours we forget what happened yesterday or what the future will be like. This is our world; this is MUNDO 2.0. Join us!

If you have 2 extra minutes: we introduce ourselves in detail!

Who are we? Most importantly:

… an enthusiastic team, whose vocation is #hospitality,

… an enthusiastic team, who see their dreams come true in this legendary place,

… an enthusiastic team, who believe that if they put their hearts into their work, people will notice, appreciate it and most importantly - grow fond of it.

The “oldest” members of the team have been immersed in the nightlife since 2008. It’s our dream to create our own #entertainmentcomplex with passion and devotion.

Has everything changed at MUNDO 2.0? The honest answer is that it will, gradually. It is certain that we have invested all our time and energy into our work at MUNDO 2.0 since the spring of 2021, in order to begin our first season with an awesome club and a welcoming team, where the #serviceiseverything. In addition to the renewal of the technical installations, services, the VIP experience, and the interior design, we try to put a great team together to make you feel comfortable, free, and safe.

Honestly, we imagined more than just a club, but rather an entertainment center. Where you can leave the burdens of yesterday and the problems of tomorrow behind. Where you can meet others, dance, relax, eat and drink, party at night or during the day. Where you can listen to all types of music but only the best songs. Where the different venues and music genres can always fit your current mood so you can unwind. Where the staff are your friends – if not, they will definitely be after one shot! A place and community which don’t follow the trends but rather dictates them – with YOU!

As Dani said before the grand opening: “We did not vote against something but FOR something. We voted for MUNDO 2.0 and our passion for this project will be felt on the dancefloors, in the bars, within the team, and hopefully among thousands of people at our entertainment complex!”

We can’t wait to finally meet you:

The creators: Dani, Berti, Csifi, Geri, Guszti – and many others who are deeply devoted to MUNDO 2.0!