With purchasing a ticket you automatically accept our house rules.

  • Gates open at 22:00.
  • Ticket is valid for one entry only!
  • On the date of the venue you can enter with pre-purchased tickets into the club until 00:00!
  • Adherence to the house rules is also controlled by the organisers and the security staff.
  • Organisers and the security staff have the right to deny entry! Even without any reason at all!
  • According to the current law our guests can enter to the venues as the following:
    Guests over 18 years with an immunity certificate or application
    Guests under 18 years with an immunity certificate or application, or in the escort of an over 18-year-old person who has an immunity certificate or application

We have to deny entry from those guests who does not meet the criteria above!

  • Identity is checked at the entry by the security staff! All of our guests have to prove their identity and age with an official identity card or passport or driving license! Student's ID card is not acceptable!
  • The lowest age limit is 16 years!
  • We specifically ask you not to arrive to the club in illuminated state! People too drunk or under the effects of drugs are not allowed into the club, even if they have purchased a pre-purchase ticket before! People who meet these criteria do not have the right to file a complaint to the organisers about this and they do not have the right to ask for the return of the price of the tickets!
  • During the entry to the club guests over 18 years have to ask for distinction from the organisers or the security staff with he or she can drink alcohol at the bars!
  • Guests in not appropriate clothes or in illuminated, uncontrolled state must leave the location of the venue! Both the organizer and the security service are entitled to take action in this regard! This is also valid for queuing and entry!
  • Everyone attend the event at their own risk.
  • The organizers are not responsible for any damages resulting from the irresponsible behavior of the participants! The offender is obliged to compensate the damage on the spot.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring firecrackers or any pyrotechnic devices, stabbing, cutting, percussion devices, weapons, devices dangerous to public safety, bottles or drugs into the event area!
  • The event uses high-performance sound and light technology, which can cause permanent damage to health. The organizers are not responsible for any resulting damage! We ask everyone to protect your hearing!
  • People with a predisposition to epilepsy should only attend the event at their own risk, taking care of their health.
  • Tickets are not redeemable, tickets can only be sold at the price indicated on the official channels!
  • In the event of force majeure (such as weather conditions which make it impossible to carry out or continue the event, as well as natural disasters, demonstrations, certain criminal offenses and certain political and social events and epidemiological measures), the organizer expressly waives the refund of the ticket price.
  • The event will feature video and audio recordings, which the organizers can use later for promotional purposes. All participants who appear on the recordings can only be named with their consent, but they cannot make any claims against the directors, the maker of the recording or its legitimate users!
  • It is strictly forbidden to carry out any advertising activities at the event and its catchment area without the written permission of the organizers! The organizers will initiate proceedings against the executors, contributors of this activity and the ordering club or agency / person!
  • We reserve the right to change the program!
  • Guests take responsibility for the safety of themselves, their peers and their environment.
  • In order to enter the event quickly and safely, please arrive on time!